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Here you can download the things we've released! Builds, miscellaneous files, leftover content, and all that.

Date format is yyyy-mm-dd.

Shaft Spirit Build [2014-2015]

Released: 2017 - 02 - 06

An old build of the mod, from the 2014-2015 era of the mod. This build runs on Spirit of Half-Life 1.9, and while originally this did run on Steam Half-Life it later got ported to Xash3D. This build has a bunch of unfinished work all over the place and some neat little bits here and there.


Shaft Alpha Test 0.0

Released: 2014 - 02 - 17

A really old build of Shaft from 2013, that doesn't feature much, but a few people have asked for it to return. So here it is for those few who asked!


Shaft Custom Textures

Released: 2013 - 10 - 13

Some textures used by Shaft during it's early days.


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