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Here we occasionally post behind-the-scenes shots of what we're doing, or previews of upcoming media.

Herb Creature

2018 - 04 - 12

by Sgt. Headcrab & Brian

Once we were in a hangout with a guy named Herbert, and it was really cool because he actually worked on Gunman Chronicles. He told us about a memory he had of some sort of vine spider creature that tunneled through hallways in Half-Life. We took some liberties, but we were super excited to draw this thing.

The Butcher

2018 - 02 - 13

by Brian

This was a blast to make and render.

HECU Scout

2018 - 02 - 02

by Brian

Constantly patroling the perimeter of the military camps, the HECU Scout is on high alert for any hostile activity with his pistol ready. Not sure if this guy is gonna be in the final deal, but he was fun to make. That's for sure.

CIA Brain Boy

2018 - 02 - 01

by Sgt. Headcrab

Me and Brian are back to work on them CIA baddies, this time, less brawn and more brain. The psionic soldier will be another enemy you have to face in Shaft. Check out this WIP picture.

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